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Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels

General Specification

The Frigosys Panel product can be used in cold storage rooms with the specially painted surface that provides full protection against bacteria. They provide an advantage in thermal insulation with strongly fitting double tongue-and-groove joints. In addition to cold storage wall coatings they are applicable as ceiling coatings.

Product Application

  • Fruit and Vegetable Facilities
  • Dairy and Ice Cream Facilities
  • Poultry and Seafood Processing Plants
  • Slaughterhouses and Meat Processing Plants
  • Cold Storage Warehouses

Performance Advantages

Provides ideal thermal insulation with thinner panels compared to alternative insulation materials. Fast and problem-free assembly saves time and labor. The polyurethane structure does not retain water and allow bacteria and pests to develop. The use of n-Penthane gas in inflating polyurethane prevent environmental damage. The colorful surface eliminates the need for additional coatings like plaster and paint. Color options available in the RAL catalogue. Surface paint options available according to application (Polyester, PvdF, Plastisol, PVC)