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Meat and Meatfoods Storage

Meat and Meatfoods Storage

Nowadays, it has become necessary to extend the shelf life and storage periods of foods, especially meat and meat products, with various preservation methods. The purpose of the preservation is to prevent the stinking or spoilage of meat and meat products and to make the reproduction and reproduction conditions of the microorganisms that cause this unfavorable. When this is done, it can greatly slow down and stop the effects of physical, chemical and enzymatic factors that cause the degradation of meat and meat products as well as microorganisms. As a result, the shelf life of meat and meat products can be greatly extended.

Frigo System application Made

Pre-cooling chambers for carcass

Storage rooms for carcass

Product freezing tunnels

Shredding-packing and cooling of shipping halls

Cold rooms for offal suspect carcass and deboning

Spiral freezer cooling systems for further processing

Freezer Storage for  carcas and packaged products

Precisely controlled central cooling systems with high energy efficiency

Compliance with HACCP standards and hygienic evaporator design

Engine room design in accordance with TSE and EN (European Norms) standards