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Central Cooling System

Central Cooling System

 Central Cooling System or Rack Compressor  System  consist of several compressors,for graduated adaption to your capacity requirement.The compressors work in parallel connection on a common refrigeration circuit. It goes without saying that we have a high vertical range of manufacture with fully-hermetic, scroll and digital scroll, semi-hermetic and screw compressors from different manufacturers. According to your requirements we supply rack units with a wide selection of optional components, electrically pre wired or with switch cabinet. We also offer the ideal control system adapted to each individual application. This system mostly using for more than 3 rooms cold storage plant.

Technical Specification        

It has semi hermetic, scroll or screw type compressor.

Be manufactured with air cooled or water cooled condenser.

All equipment are delivered together with control instruments as being ready to assembly.

It is delivered with positive pressure by pumping nitrogen to inside and outside unit.

It has electrostatic painted galvanized steel frame.

Compressors are activated fractionally.

Wide product capacity range.

Product Advantage

Production in compliance with world standards

Highly efficient cooling

Design ensures easy installation and assembly

Compliance with various mounting options

Wide product range

Manufacturing with accordance to HACCP standards

Reduced number of defrosts and increased defrost intervals for energy saving

Longer cooling periods without defrosting for saving in overall plant operating costs