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Sprial Freezer

Sprial Freezer

Spiral Freezer

Spiral coolers are a highly efficient freezing system for freezing large amounts of products in a limited area. Seafood, bakery products, meat, processed poultry, fruit, vegetable ice cream, etc. widely used for.

The shock capacity is between 250kg / h ~ 3000kg / h.


120-150 mm thick polyurethane filled sandwich panels are used for cabin insulation. Panels can be manufactured as a stainless steel surface according to the application.


Conveyor belt special high strength stainless steel mesh / PVC belt options


Painted galvanised sheet cases  copper  pipes and fins are densely designed for good heat exchange.

Control Board

Stainless steel electrical control panel. The relay can be controlled by PLC or touch screen.


The conveyor rotates on the inductor, there is a conveyor regulator and an emergency switch.