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Monoblock Cooling Units

Monoblock Cooling Units

General Specification

Compact monoblock unit for a straddle-type installation. A flexible solution is suitable for several applications in small cold rooms and at different temperature ranges.

Compact design particularly suitable for installation in small spaces.

Easy mounting for a very quick installation.

Electronic control instrument arranged to manage the completely refrigerating system; compact, for easy and intuitive use and with fast programming.

High performances thanks to the components of the highest quality. Perfectly calibrated for each specific application.

Easy access to the main components for easy maintenance of the system.

Technical Specs

It has  hermetic emraco compressor  or hermetic tecumseh compressor and air-cooled condenser,

High and low-pressure switches.

Thermostatic expansion valve.

230 V-I-50 Hz or 400 V-III-50 Hz power supply.

The device is a compact type and delivered as all control equipment assembled

It has a hot gas defrost system

It is delivered with R 290 refrigerant charged

Cold room lamp and door micro-switch cable.

It has electrostatic painted galvanized steel cabinet

Room volume  till  50 m3  with monophase electric ,  with threepahe without limit.

Please contact us for alternative refrigerants.

Products Advantage

Production in compliance with world standards

Highly efficient cooling

Low noise level compressor compared to equivalents

High quality and reliable equipment

Compliance with various mounting options

Cabin ensures to ease of maintenance

Wide product range

Manufacturing with accordance to HACCP standards

Reduced number of defrosts and increased defrost intervals for energy saving

Longer cooling periods without defrost for saving in overall plant operating costs

First investment expenses are lower than other options