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Hinged Cold Room Door

Hinged Cold Room Door

General Specification of Hinged Cold Room Door

Hinged Cold Room door designed and constructed to suit the demands of cold storage and the food industry are manufactured with polyurethane foam technology of a high heat insulating level, with a thickness of 60-120 mm depending on the door types, from stainless steel or polyester coated plates. In each case, the doors come with PVC frame structure, and in cold storage temperature range, the doors are fitted with a threshold sunk below the floor level and with built-in heating. Smaller doors and doors used in the medium temperature range are fitted with a frame closing the panel opening, which is extremely simple to put in and is also suitable for covering the cold room panel edge, so there is no need for a counter-frame or for subsequent panel closing when putting in the door.

Technical Specs  of Hinged Cold Room Door

  • Anodised aluminum that prevents heat transfer for the door frame and leaf
  • Door leaf  42 kg / m³ density high-pressure polyurethane injection
  • 1,5 mm AMB (antimicrobial) CTP, PPGI sheet or stainless surface
  • Desired color choice indoor leaf
  • Door lock that can be opened from inside (even locked) and outside
  • Rising and adjustable hinges
  • EPDM rubber system
  • 220 volt, 25 w / m silicone-based resistors on frozen storage doors