Banana, one of the most produced fruits in the world, is harvested in green. Two important processes begin before the banana is released for a short storage period of 6-7 weeks. These are yellowing (only improving the outer skin color of the fruit) and ripening (bringing the fruit to the desired taste, color, quality).

For this, special rooms are needed in which special conditions will be provided. Bananas to be released are kept at certain temperature, humidity and ethylene values ​​for 3 to 8 days in these special rooms designed by Frigo System. In addition, they are subjected to special ventilation. All these processes must be carried out with an extremely meticulous understanding and in suitable rooms according to the expectations of the product in the market.

Frigo System has a vast experience in the field of food storage thanks to the projects it has carried out and the educational works it has prepared. As a result of this experience, it offers solutions in accordance with user expectations regarding the banana ripening and ripening room.