Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Cold Storage Humidity Control

The purpose of providing cold storage humidity control is to provide a constant relative humidity as much as possible. The equilibrium state of relative humidity

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Heat Load Calculation For cold room

Calculating Cooling Load

The purpose of calculating cooling load is to choose the equipment in the cooling system cycle correctly and economically. If the cooling system elements are

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How To Install Cold Room

Install Cold Room Panels

In this process, where food preservation and global warming are too much, many people are wondering how to install cold room panels. Cold room  installation

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Cold Storage Systems

Cold Storage Systems : It is the preservation of a certain volume in outdoor conditions by means of insulation material and cooling systems. The purpose

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Chicken Freezer Storage

Frozen Chicken Storage plant

After the poultry is slaughtered in the abattoir, the meat starts to deteriorate rapidly. The appropriate storage condition is blast freezing or cold storage. The

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