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Split Cooling Unit

Split Cooling Unit

Cabinet Split Type Cooling Unit

Cabinet-type Split Cooling Unit  is designed for remote installation to be used in medium and low temperatures cold room. The standard models have all the needed components for an easy installation; fan speed control, crankcase heater , dryer filter , sight glass,solenoid valve hi-low pressure switch weatherproof electrical box same model. The same model number can be selected with several refrigerants. The weatherproof casing makes this product suitable for outdoor installation.

General specifications

High efficiency evaporator design according to split cooling unit capacity

It is with hermetic, scroll and semi-hermetic compressor and air-cooled condenser.

It has a remote control panel.

It has robust housing according to ambient conditions.

It is delivered with positive pressure by pumping nitrogen to the inside and outside the unit.

All equipment are delivered together with control instruments as being ready to assembly.

It has electrostatic painted galvanized steel cabinet.


Products Advantage

Production in compliance with world standards

Highly efficient cooling

Low noise level outdoor unit compared to equivalents

High quality and reliable equipment

Design ensures easy installation and assembly

Compliance with various mounting options

Cabin enables to ease of maintenance

Wide product range

Manufacturing with accordance to HACCP standards

Evaporator design minimize to loss product moisture

Reduced number of defrosts and increased defrost intervals for energy saving

Longer cooling periods without defrost for saving in overall plant operating costs