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Frozen Chicken Storage plant

Frozen Chicken Storage plant

Chicken Freezer Storage

After the poultry is slaughtered in the abattoir, the meat starts to deteriorate rapidly. The appropriate storage condition is blast freezing or cold storage. The cold chain must be maintained from the slaughterhouse to the supermarket cabinets.
Freezing should be done in fast freezers at -40 / -38 degrees Celsius.
The recommended frozen Chicken Storage Temperature  is -20 / -22 degrees Celsius. Cold rooms have to be done by a professional team for products safety.

Considering all these conditions, the products of the warehouse, designed by our expert engineers and to be used in the country of Gambia, reached the construction site.

Our Frozen Chicken Storage Plant Project 600 square meters closed area and height of building 6,00 m

We used Bitzer compressor and 120 mm Panel panels in this project

Cold room doors are 200*250 cm Sliding Type Cold Room Door

When the construction site is ready, our expert team will go to the site and complete the assembly and commissioning part of the project.
Thank you to our partner for choosing us.


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