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Install Cold Room Panels

Install Cold Room Panels

How To Install Cold Room

In this process, where food preservation and global warming are too much, many people are wondering how to install cold room panels. Cold room  installation is very important for long-lasting product use.  The first and most important condition for using the cold storage rooms for a long time without causing problems and giving the expected results is proper assembly.

1- The floor of the area where the cold room will be installed must be flat. Otherwise, the panels will not fit together properly

2-If the installation will be made in a place where there will be continuous entrance and exit, such as a cold storage, processing area, the level difference should be taken into account in the floor insulation.


How To Install Cold Room


Install  Cold Room Panels

When installing a cold room, the following steps should be followed and checked in order

1-Installation of U channels: U channels are placed on a smooth floor according to the cold room size ordered. It is fixed to the ground with the screws from the mounting kit.

U Channel

2-Floor panel Installation : If the floor panel is in the project, it is mounted as shown in the project drawing so that it remains inside the u-channels.

3- How to Install Cold Room Panels:

Wall panels are placed in U channels in accordance with the project. If necessary, they are cut from the corners according to the room size.



Cold Room Wall PanelComplete Cold Room



4-Installation of Ceiling Panels : During the installation of Ceiling Panels, they are mounted by placing them on the notch on the wall panels.


Cold Room DoorCold Room Sandwich Panel


5- Assembly of Cold Room Door : The door frame is inserted into the remaining space for the door.
If the width of the door frame is more than one panel width, the panel is cut according to the size of the door frame and placed in the appropriate space.

6-It is necessary to complete the insulation by using silicone to the places where the wall or ceiling panels joint each other.

7a-Accessory Installation: L outer sheets are produced as 5*a+30 mm according to the panel thickness. It is mounted in such a way that the long side covers the part where the panel foam is visible.

7b- The interior corner accessory is mounted in the interior of the cold room in such a way that it covers the panel junction surfaces on the wall-ceiling, wall-floor and corner parts.


Cold Room Accessories