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Potato Cold Storage Conditions

Potato Cold Storage Conditions

Potatoes Cold Storage

Providing potato cold storage conditions is very important in terms of providing quality products to the market. Potato is the most demanded product in cold storage.  Its nutritive value and long-term storage are factors in this.
Potatoes are made in large crates in cold storage or in silo-shaped containers up to 6 m high by giving cold air from the bottom. Approximately 600 kg of potatoes can be placed in 1 m3 volume. Potato storage is done in 4 separate stages.


Potatoes are kept for 10-12 days in cold warehouses with 90% humidity between 15-18 degrees. In this way, the wounds formed during the period until the harvest and transport to the warehouse heal and the crusts thicken and harden. This recovery reduces water loss. When the water loss in potatoes exceeds 8%, wrinkling occurs. During the treatment period, the air flow rate in the tank should be high. In this way, the top layer of the stacks is prevented from getting wet. Again in this period, the CO2 rate should not exceed 0.5%.


The temperature of the potatoes, whose healing process is completed, is gradually reduced to 6-8 degrees in 12-15 days in the  cold storage. At this stage, the air velocity is reduced and the ambient humidity is kept between 90-95%.

Cold Storage

At this stage, the temperature of the cold storage is between 6-8 degrees and the humidity of the storage is 90-95%, and the storage period in the cold storage can be up to 6-8 months, depending on the type of potatoes. At this stage, the temperature of the cold storage should not be lower than 6 degrees. The decrease in temperature causes the sweetness of the potatoes.

Preperation for Market

At the end of the cold storage period, potatoes begin to release 2 times more carbon dioxide, heat and steam compared to the previous stage. In this process, the air speed of the potato cold storage is increased, and the amount of fresh air taken into the warehouse increases. Warehouse temperature is gradually increased above 10 degrees and ready to be marketed


Cold Storage of Potato