Refrigeration Cycle

Refrigeration Cycle

Refrigeration Cycle In simple terms, the task of a refrigeration cycle  is heat absorption and heat rejection. As any HVAC instructor will tell you (definitely), you can’t catch a cold, you can just take the heat away. The refrigeration cycle, sometimes called the heat pump cycle, is a way of removing heat from the area […]

Cold Storage

Cold Room Equipments

Here are some tips to help you choose a very useful cold storage design for the business you are running.    Selection of Location for Cold Storage     Cold storage according to the nature of use; can be divided into a distributed cold room, retail cold room, and efficient cold room. The productive cold […]

Forced Air Cooling

Forced Air Cooling Systems

Forced Air Cooling Refrigerated air is used as the cooling medium with this Forced air cooling system. It is forced through produce packed in boxes or pallet bins. A number of airflow systems are used, but the tunnel cooler is the most common. Two rows of packages, bins, or palletized products are placed on either […]

Cold Storage of Meat

Cold Storage of Meat

Understanding the correct cold storage of meat whether frozen or chilled, is important if you want to produce that is as fresh, delicious, and safe as possible. Harmful bacteria begin to multiply in raw meat from the moment an animal is slaughtered, making storage an incredibly time-sensitive process. If you want or need to prolong […]

What is Blast Freezer Room

Blast Freezer Room

Simply put, the blast freezer room  is just a very low temperature cold store. This type of storage is usually for very rapid cooling and freezing of foodstuffs or fresh products. They are commonly used in the frozen food industry for things like ice cream, pre-prepared meals, and vegetables or fish. There are also industrial […]