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Cold Storage Facilities

Cold Storage Facilties

Cold Storage Facilities Cold storage facilities are designed to maintain low temperatures to preserve and store perishable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. The crucial components of cold storage facilities include: Sandwich Panel: Proper insulation is essential to prevent heat transfer between the internal and external environments. Common insulation materials include polyurethane […]

Fresh Fish Cold Room

Fish Cold Room

A fresh fish cold room, also known as a fish cold storage or fish cold storage room, is a specialized refrigerated storage facility designed to preserve the freshness and quality of freshly caught or harvested fish. The cold room is maintained at low temperatures, usually just above the freezing point of water, to slow down […]

Fish Cold Storage

Fish Cold Room

A Fish cold storage is any building or part of a building used for storage at temperatures controlled by refrigeration at -1WIC or lower. Recommended Fish Cold Storage Temperature The spoilage of fish due to protein denaturation, fat changes, and dehydration can all be slowed down by reducing the storage temperature. The FAO Code of […]

Frozen Storage Plant

Cold Storage Facilties

We installed and commissioned a frozen Storage plant with a temperature of -18 / -20 degrees in Mannheim, Germany In the project, which consists of 6 rooms, the ceiling height is 8 meters gross. Cold stores are 150 mm thick PIR insulated sandwich panels and locked type. Corridor ceilings and side walls are 80 mm […]

Refrigeration compressors

Refrigeration compressor

In this article, you will know about the main types of refrigeration compressors Refrigeration compressors Refrigeration compressors provide refrigerant circulation in the system and, unlike gas compressors, are not used independently outside of the refrigeration system. Differences in the working conditions of compressors in the structure of refrigerating machines from the operating conditions of general-purpose […]

Cold Storage of Onion

Cold Storage of Onion

You can find information about the cold storage of onion in this article. Considering the needs and requirements, you can read the storage conditions of onions without spoiling.   Scientific Name and Introduction of Onion Onions (Allium cepa L., Cepa group) are a biennial of the Alliaceae family. The edible portions of the bulb are […]

Condenser Selection

Condenser Selection In condenser selection in the refrigeration system, the heat taken by the refrigerant from the evaporator and the heat added during the compression process is removed from the system in the condenser. Thus, the refrigerant is liquefied, pressurized, and expanded again. It is brought to a state to receive heat from the evaporator. […]

ECOLITE Condensing units

Air Cooled Condensing Unit

BITZER ECOLITE CONDENSING UNITS BITZER’s multi-award-winning ECOLITE condensing units are now available for use with a full range of A2L refrigerants, including ultra-low GWP R1234ze/yf, and lower GWP R455A and R454C.   Kevin Glass, Managing Director of BITZER UK, says: “ECOLITE 2.0 offers end users a future-proof solution since all these refrigerants have a GWP […]

Food Storage in a Cold Room

Fish Blast Freezer

If you are wondering about the conditions and duration of food storage in a cold room, you can find the details in this article Many bacteria continue to multiply by maintaining their life functions between 8 degrees and 63 degrees. The proliferation of bacteria in foods both endangers human health and causes commercial value loss […]

Solution to Cold Room Doors

Sliding Cold Room Door

In this article, we will give information about the problems that can be experienced in cold room doors. The Importance Of Cold Room Door Over the past years, we have collected remarkable information on what happens to cold room panels, cold room doors, and fittings after installation. The range of applications is wide enough to […]