Condenser Selection

Condenser Selection In condenser selection in the refrigeration system, the heat taken by the refrigerant from the evaporator and the heat added during the compression process is removed from the system in the condenser. Thus, the refrigerant is liquefied, pressurized, and expanded again. It is brought to a state to receive heat from the evaporator. […]

ECOLITE Condensing units

Air Cooled Condensing Unit

BITZER ECOLITE CONDENSING UNITS BITZER’s multi-award-winning ECOLITE condensing units are now available for use with a full range of A2L refrigerants, including ultra-low GWP R1234ze/yf, and lower GWP R455A and R454C.   Kevin Glass, Managing Director of BITZER UK, says: “ECOLITE 2.0 offers end users a future-proof solution since all these refrigerants have a GWP […]

Food Storage in a Cold Room

Fish Cold storage

If you are wondering about the conditions and duration of food storage in a cold room, you can find the details in this article Many bacteria continue to multiply by maintaining their life functions between 8 degrees and 63 degrees. The proliferation of bacteria in foods both endangers human health and causes commercial value loss […]

Solution to Cold Room Doors

Sliding Cold Room Door

In this article, we will give information about the problems that can be experienced in cold room doors. The Importance Of Cold Room Door Over the past years, we have collected remarkable information on what happens to cold room panels, cold room doors, and fittings after installation. The range of applications is wide enough to […]

Refrigeration Cycle

Refrigeration Cycle

Refrigeration Cycle In simple terms, the task of a refrigeration cycle  is heat absorption and heat rejection. As any HVAC instructor will tell you (definitely), you can’t catch a cold, you can just take the heat away. The refrigeration cycle, sometimes called the heat pump cycle, is a way of removing heat from the area […]

Cold Storage

Food Storage in a Cold Room

Here are some tips to help you choose a very useful cold storage design for the business you are running.    Selection of Location for Cold Storage     Cold storage according to the nature of use; can be divided into a distributed cold room, retail cold room, and efficient cold room. The productive cold […]

Refrigeration Evaporator

refrigeration Evaporator

The refrigeration evaporator is the name given to any heat exchanger where the refrigerant is evaporated at low temperature and therefore at low pressure, but usually above atmospheric pressure to prevent gas and/or water vapor leakages into the low-pressure circuit. The evaporator is the element of the refrigerating circuit through which heat is absorbed from […]

Cold Storage Design

Cold Storage Plant

There are some points to be considered while Cold storage design and construction. This is a product type that renders possible cooling installation solutions allowing limitless capacity for all sorts of projects. Coldrooms and product processing areas in desired measures can be set up through the cold room panels. There is no need for a […]

Semi Modular Cold Rooms

Cold room panel

Semi Modular Cold rooms are a product type that can be employed more extensively in hotels, in small enterprises dealing with foodstuffs, in restaurants, in cafes, in hospitals, and in all other premises intended for the preservation of foodstuffs in small quantities. In storage rooms of this type, floor panels are usually preferred. These modular […]

Forced Air Cooling

Forced Air Cooling Systems

Forced Air Cooling Refrigerated air is used as the cooling medium with this Forced air cooling system. It is forced through produce packed in boxes or pallet bins. A number of airflow systems are used, but the tunnel cooler is the most common. Two rows of packages, bins, or palletized products are placed on either […]