What is Blast Freezer Room

Blast Freezer Room

Simply put, the blast freezer room  is just a very low temperature cold store. This type of storage is usually for very rapid cooling and freezing of foodstuffs or fresh products. They are commonly used in the frozen food industry for things like ice cream, pre-prepared meals, and vegetables or fish. There are also industrial […]

Install Cold Room Panels

How To Install Cold Room

In this process, where food preservation and global warming are too much, many people are wondering how to install cold room panels. Cold room  installation is very important for long-lasting product use.  The first and most important condition for using the cold storage rooms for a long time without causing problems and giving the expected […]

Frozen Chicken Storage plant

Chicken Freezer Storage

After the poultry is slaughtered in the abattoir, the meat starts to deteriorate rapidly. The appropriate storage condition is blast freezing or cold storage. The cold chain must be maintained from the slaughterhouse to the supermarket cabinets. Freezing should be done in fast freezers at -40 / -38 degrees Celsius. The recommended frozen Chicken Storage […]